Portuguese for Foreigners

Aimed at those who want to learn Portuguese and have no prior knowledge of this language.The goal of our Portuguese for Foreigners course is to develop learners’ communication skills at both oral and written levels.

→ The Course

Students are invited to explore the Portuguese language through language in use around not only everyday situations but also more complex issues around the world.

We have also developed a special program for those who have to come to Brazil to work. These professionals will find an integration of business and social language in their Portuguese classes.

In addition to the textbook, instructional materials include always updated readings from Brazilian newspapers and magazines, idiomatic expressions, audio and video tapes. Students’ active participation and their constant feedback characterize and orient the teaching-learning process.

→ About Us

Ann Arbor was founded in 1979 with the goal of teaching foreign languages while simultaneously enhancing students’ intelligence and creativity, This goal has oriented our quest for developing and refining our own language teaching methodology for three decades.

Now, with vast experience in the teaching of foreign languages and having established a solid reputation in the field, we are proud to affirm that we have been successful in developing effective teaching skills through constant evaluations of our classroom experience as well as continuous research in applied linguistics and education.

We teach Portuguese for foreigners, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Our classes are taught at our main branch, at Avenida General San Martin, 1226, in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, at regular schools, or at your own company.

→ Pedagogic Objective & Methodology (Language Skills Development)

Our objective is to develop autonomous learners, encouraging students’ contributions at all times and helping students understand their responsibility in the teaching-learning process.

The overall goal of our methodology is to develop the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in an integrated way. Special emphasis is given to oral skills. This practice is developed through various activities, mainly through everyday discussions on central themes in the community and in the world.

→ From The Classroom To The World

Our student is encouraged, from earlier stages, to make connections between the topics discussed in the classroom and other fields such as the arts, literature, movies, science, politics, and so on. Supporting materials such as newspapers and magazines, audio and videotapes, are also relevant sources in our program.

→ More information?

Please call us at +55 21 2540 9090 (Leblon), +55 21 3173 6060 (Jardim Botânico) or send a eMail by clicking here.